BlueControl Protect

Blue Control For PC Users

Blue Control is now available at your local independent practice : Taylor’s Opticians of Frodsham. We offer this clever coating on all of our range of quality Hoya lenses.

From early morning until late at night we are using all kinds of digital devices, for work as well as for recreation. Think about laptops, tablets, smartphones and televisions.

As we access most of these devices at a short distance, our eyes are increasingly exposed to the light emitted by the screens of those devices.

This clever coating neutralises the blue light emitted by digital screens, helping to prevent eye fatigue and eye strain. It keeps the eyes in better condition, offering more comfortable and relaxed vision and a better contrast perception. 

LCD and LED computer and television screens, smartphones, tablets and GPS devices all emit blue light, also known as high energy visible light. Although blue light in itself is a natural phenomenon – it is present in daylight and helps us to stay awake; over-exposure can have an adverse effect and cause eye strain, eye fatigue and even sleeplessness.

Both contact lens optician Keith and practice manager Victoria wear blue control coated varifocal spectacles, day to day for work and home. Keith and Victoria use computers most of the day in work, and an ipad at home, they find that the lenses make the computer screen and ipad feel less ‘glary’ and the contrast of the screen is improved with their spectacles, helping to give a clearer vision. Keith and Victoria would definitely recommend Blue Control on your spectacles for computer, tablet and smartphones.

For that bit of extra comfort in a digital world, ask Taylor’s opticians for Blue Control lenses.

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