Eyecare during COVID-19


Updated 28th May 2020

Current Guidance

The optical bodies and NHS are responsible for when and how we offer your eyecare during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are advised to offer only emergency eyecare and essential eyecare meaning that all routine appointments are currently suspended. Although non-essential shops in England will re-open on the 15th June, opticians are exempt from this and may only offer emergency and essential eyecare with appropriate PPE and a COVID-Secure practice, until the guidance changes.


The safety of our patients and staff is of utmost importance to us at Taylor’s Opticians. We have completed a thorough risk assessment and staff training to make your visit to us the safest possible.

We are COVID-Secure. We have a closed-door policy, only allowing four members of the public in at any one time. We have reduced the number of appointments available each day so that we can safely social distance. We have erected several safety screens and provided our staff with the appropriate PPE. We have taped our floors with 2m markers so you know where it is safe to social distance. We ask that you attend alone by appointment only, unless you require a carer. Please only attend if you are fit and well without any signs or symptoms of Coronavirus.

Emergency Eyecare

We are able to help if you are experiencing an eye emergency as we are part of Western Cheshire Minor Eyecare Service (MECS). In the event of an emergency just call us on 01928 732255 we will triage your condition on the telephone and may offer a video consultation. In some cases if you have no symptoms of COVID-19 we may recommend a face to face appointment, this may be with us at Taylors Opticians in Frodsham or we may send you to a local MECS colleague with the speciality you require for your symptoms. (Examples of an emergency could include: Sudden onset of flashes, floaters or veil in your vision; Sudden onset of a kink in your vision; A bright red eye or sensitivity to light.)

Essential Eyecare

Maybe you’re working from home, or about to resume work and have broken your spectacles? What if you’ve scratched your spectacles and can’t read? Or maybe you’re worried that your vision has changed and don’t feel comfortable driving or using the computer? This is essential eyecare so call us on 01928 732255 we will discuss your problem and help to organise replacement spectacles. Essential eyecare may involve a new eye examination or if your prescription is up to date we may be able to simply repeat your latest spectacles.

New Spectacles

What if you just fancy a new pair of spectacles or need a spare pair? We can help with this, but as it’s likely to be classed as routine we can’t invite you into the practice just yet. If you’re a current patient we’re happy to chat with you about a new pair of spectacles. We can email you some photos of frames that may suit your needs and as we have your previous eye measurements, we can manufacture your new spectacles and post them directly to you at home or work. If they need any adjustments, we’re happy to do this once we’re able to carry out routine appointments again. Contact Us for more information.

Contact Lenses

We’re currently contacting all of our contact lens patients who are due a batch of lenses and a check-up to offer telephone appointments rather than face to face, so that we know you’re not experiencing any problems with your contact lenses. Once we know you’re happy with your lenses we will organise home delivery of your contacts and solutions. If you’re experiencing any contact lens problems just call us on 01928 732255 we will discuss your problem, and organise a video triage or face to face appointment if necessary. If you have a non-urgent contact lens query Contact Us with your query.

Opening Hours

Where possible we’re working from home to answer your emergency calls and questions. If we need to come into the practice to see you we will happily arrange an appointment for you. Our phones are manned Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm and Saturdays 9.00am to 4.00pm. If you have an out of hours emergency please call NHS111.

Thank You

We would like to thank you for being patient with us in these very difficult times. We understand how important your sight is. We are always happy to help, although it may take a little longer than normal due to working restrictions.