Recycling Your Spectacles

Recycling Your Spectacles

May 30, 2019

Previously we have blogged about our contact lens recycle scheme which you can read more about here. Today, however, we would like to talk about recycling your spectacles.

Did you know?

We also recycle your old spectacles to help people see in developing countries, where eye care services are sparse or non-existent.

Recycling your spectacles

Fancy a new pair of specs?

When you collect your new pair, then why not leave your old pair with us to pass on to one of our good causes?
As independent opticians in Cheshire we’re fortunate to be able to help lots of people see clearly and help look after their eye health every day. We’re passionate about giving as many people the gift of good sight. When we were approached by Mrs Boardman, one of our lovely patients about helping to preserve the sight of people in Uganda, we were delighted to help.

Mrs Boardman told us that she needed as many reading spectacles as possible and test charts for a project that she is a part of in Mbale Eastern Uganda. What they specifically needed were child friendly test charts to help the local children. We were happy to present Mrs Boardman with the child friendly Kay picture test charts that the project required. She has been kind enough to share some information with us about the project she is a part of.

Eye Chart Recycling your spectacles

Mrs Boardman’s Cousin, started a primary library project over 10 years ago and Mrs Boardman joined the project 8 years ago. With the support of two well established charities, Book Aid International and Africa Education Trust (AET), they visit Mbale in Eastern Uganda, twice a year to put in new libraries, train staff and support established libraries.

A difficulty is that the Ugandan library teachers have the usual sight problems we all have as we get older, but with no access to reading spectacles. This is where Taylors Opticians has supported over the years, collecting spectacles so that the project can run ' Spectacles shops' to help so many teachers to see clearly to help support and run the local libraries.

Eye Test Recycling your spectacles

Recycling Your spectacles; You can help!

They have also identified schools with albino children with poor eyesight. Taking them to the nearest clinic they have made good connections with the local optician, who now has a child friendly eye test chart that we donated earlier this year.

We will continue to work with Mrs Boardman and her Cousin to supply your old spectacles to her team to take on their trips to Uganda.

So next time you’re in Frodsham, call in to our store and we can help you with recycling your spectacles.