UV Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes

UV Sunglasses to protect your eyes

June 28, 2019
UV Sunglasses

The sunshine has finally arrived! Let's talk about UV Sunglasses and sun lenses.

Let us help to protect your eyes from harmful UV and glare with our comprehensive range of sun lenses from leading lens manufacturer Hoya, to suit all budgets.

what is UV?

Our eyes can only detect visible light, these are the colours that we can see in a rainbow. But UV rays are invisible to the eye.

UV rays can be harmful to the eye. They are the main cause of cataracts and other eye conditions. People of all ages and those who spend a lot of time outdoors are particularly vulnerable.

Types of UV

UV rays are composed of three main categories:

UVC – This is high energy UV which is the most harmful for the eyes and skin, most UVC is filtered out by the earth’s ozone layer.

UVB – This is a medium energy UV ray, which can reach the earth’s surface. This is what causes sunburn, but it can also affect the outer structures of the eye too with eye conditions such as pinguecula and inflammation of the outer eye.

UVA – This UV ray can penetrate the structures of the eye to cause cataracts as it is absorbed by the eyes natural lens.

Taylor’s Opticians range of prescription sun spectacles all provide 100% UV ray protection for all ages in all situations from harmful UV rays.  If you would like to read more about UV sunglasses, we recommend reading both our page on sunglasses here or an in depth description on All About Visions website here.

The light spectrum

UV SUnglasses to Reduce Glare

Taylor’s Opticians also offers Hoya Polarised lenses. Polarised lenses neutralise excessive brightness and glare from the sunshine, and unlike a tinted lens it eliminates reflections and annoying glare from the sun, while increasing contrast, providing better comfort outdoors, even on extremely bright days. They also provide 100% UV ray protection. Choose from three colours: Grey, Brown or Grey-Green. You could even stand out from the crowd with one of our mirror finishes.

Polarised lenses are perfect for everyone who wants to avoid annoying glare caused by shiny or reflected surfaces. They suit people who drive, do outdoor sports, especially around water or reflecting surfaces, or just like to be out and about will appreciate the advantages of glare free vision.

Why not call in to see us and try out a pair of our range of sun protection spectacles?